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TAN HUNG is a leading company in the manufacture of fabrics and polypropylene packagings, of recognized national and international prestige, especially here in Asia, where it stands out because of the variety and quality of its product line.

The company supplies both the national and foreign markets, standing out in countries such as Russia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, etc. This demanding markets force us to work with the highest possible standards of quality and productivity

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TAN HUNG JSC – is the leading Manufacturer of PP woven bag and fabrics in Vietnam. We have been building sound business relationships since 2007.

Our bag are suitable for all kind of packaging requirements. To clarify, we aim to provide our customers with complete packaging solutions in accordance to their requirements and specifications.

Our selections of PP – Polypropylene woven products are below :

  •       PP Woven Bag
  •       PP Woven Fabric

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Industries We Serve

We provide innovative packaging solutions for different industries by manufacturing tailor made PP woven sack, HDPE/ PE bags.

The major industries in which our products find extensive applications are as follows:

  •       Firstly, Food Grain, Rice, Flour industry
  •       Secondly, Animal Feed industry
  •       Thirdly, Sugar industry
  •       Next, Salt industry
  •       In addition, Sand industry
  •       Most importantly, fertilizer industry
  •       Lastly, Chemical industry
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Our Advantages

We design and develop innovative range of packaging products like PP Woven Sacks, HDPE/ PE Bags & fabrics for diverse industries. Above all, our passion to achieve excellence in all the spheres of the business has consistently fuelled our growth in the competitive international market.

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Our core competency lies in the following factors:

  •       Professional Work Environment
  •       Stringent Quality Control
  •       Product Customization As Per The Client’s requirements
  •       Advanced Manufacturing Units
  •       Skilled Work Force
  •       Latest Automatic & Semi-Automatic Machines
  •       Well Equipped Testing Laboratory
  •       Team Of Experienced Polymer Engineers
  •       Capacity To Meet Bulk Requirements Within The Least Lead Time
  •       On Timely Delivery
  •       Competitive Pricing

Tan Hung JSC has been offering and manufacturing pillow-bottomed PP woven bags for over 30 years for a wide range of 5kg to 50kg applications. Their key features are flexible, robust, excellent strength-to-weight ratio and cost effective. We offer one of the widest ranges of fabric weight, finishes and options in the market. Our bags are customized specifically to match requirements and withstand the loading and transport conditions of individual applications. They are frequently dropped from 5m height for bulk loading applications. Simply send us your design, specification, application and/or sample bag, and we will do the rest.

After the original packaged content is emptied out, these bags are often reused multiple times in the fields or general household/warehouse purposes. Our standard PP woven bags are recycling-friendly and can be recycled without any pre-recycling modification.

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We offer a wide range of fabric weight, tensile tenacity and colour for both uncoated and coated fabric. Our standard fabric weight ranges are 55gsm-135gsm for uncoated fabric and 75gsm-160gsm for coated fabric, inclusive of the standard coating thickness range of 20-30 micron. We can produce any fabric structure according to your specification, including smooth uncoated, crammed/ribbed uncoated, matte coated and glossy coated fabric.

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Our flexo printing is among the best in the industry, able to achieve good quality print finishes on most fabric, including glossy-coated fabric and crammed fabric. We offer up to 6 colours on both front and back as well as bag side and gusset printing. Complicated printing designs are frequently handled and our internal graphics team are on hand to promptly advise you on design tweaks to achieve optimum print quality and consistency.


A number of bottom closing options are available for your bag designs, including single-chain stitch, double-chain stitch, hemmed bottoms and easy-open. We offer PP, nylon and polyester sewing threads. PP thread is our default thread for bottom closing due to their recycling-compatibility with PP bags. Similar to handles, our threads come in a range of colours, and available in both single and multi-colour options.


Both HDPE and LLDPE liners are available with our bags. We offer the complete range of liner options, including, simple loose liners, mouth-hemming with glue or ultra-sonic (for auto-packing) and liner-laminated.


A complete range of handles are available with our bags, including die cut/punched holes, rigid PP, and thin and thick belt handles. Our belt handles come in a number of different colours and available for colour-matching to your bag designs.

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Homepage:: https://ppwovenbagvietnam.com/

To sum up, please contact Tan Hung JSC:

– sending Email to: [email protected], [email protected]

– Firstly, you can make a phone call to: +84 968 537 231 (Mr. Ken)

– Or you can send WhatsApp to: +84 968 537 231 (Mr. Ken)

– Address: Ha Binh Phuong Industrial Zone, Hanoi city, Vietnam

In short, Mr. Khanh Dang (Ken) is looking forward to assist you 24/7 for further information, support, recommendation and solution suggestion.

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